Month: April 2021

‘Do not resuscitate’ discussions: Can we do better? | Health News

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have raised concerns about Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) decisions in the United Kingdom, claiming that they are being inappropriately applied to groups of people without their knowledge and proper consultation with their representatives.

CPR is a treatment that can be given when someone stops breathing or their heart stops beating. It involves interventions like chest compressions, electrical shocks to the chest and artificial ventilation. DNACPR decisions should be made in consultation with patients themselves and are put in writing by their healthcare teams, when it is determined that CPR interventions

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COVID-19 and Parkinson’s: Exploring the link

Although extremely rare, Parkinson’s-like symptoms have occurred in a few people with COVID-19. This phenomenon has researchers investigating whether there is a link between SARS-CoV-2 and Parkinson’s disease.

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Researchers have explored a potential link between Parkinson’s disease and the new coronavirus. David Trood/Getty Images

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have continued to search for information about how SARS-CoV-2 affects the body.

At this point, researchers and healthcare professionals know that the effects extend beyond the respiratory system. SARS-CoV-2 can impact other organs, including the heart, brain, kidneys, and skin.

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Are You Engaging In Exercise Abuse?

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Exercise is not only beneficial for your physical health but also your mental health. Research has shown that exercise can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve overall functioning. During quarantine, many people have filled up their free time with exercise. Though it is something that is advantageous, exercise can be misused.

When I spoke with Patience Owunwanne, a registered dietitian based in Maryland, she brought this to my attention. During our conversation about Black women with eating disorders, she said exercise is something that can be abused.

“Exercise can also

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A Spotlight on the History of Infant Nutrition

Nutrition plays a key role in helping infants to grow into healthy children and adults. Since the early 1900s, USDA has provided resources for breastfeeding, introducing first foods, building lasting healthy eating habits, and more. Explore how infant nutrition advice has changed over the decades with these resources from the Historical Dietary Guidance Digital Collection.

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6 Simple Yoga Poses That Relieve Muscle Tension

6 Simple Yoga Poses That Relieve Muscle Tension | Real Simple

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25 Diet Myths You Should Stop Believing

There are many diet myths and misinformation both available online and spread via social media.

Newsweek debunks outdated diet data and reveals what you really need to know about adopting healthy habits.

The ‘Calories In, Calories Out’

There are many diet myths and misinformation both available online and spread via social media
KucherAV/Getty Images

‘Calories In, Calories Out’ (CICO) is a fundamental concept in body weight regulation and extremely close to scientific fact—however, the logic of this viewpoint is problematic, as it prevents people from seeing the bigger picture.

Relying solely on a low-calorie diet does not account the large

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Covid could lead to long-term autoimmune disease

Normally when an invading virus triggers an immune response, B cells form into self-contained structures in the follicles of the lymph nodes, where they multiply rapidly, mutate, and swell into an immune army of billions, each one bearing a copy of its signature antibody protein on its surface. Almost as soon as this happens, however, the cells launch into a deadly game of molecular-level musical chairs, competing to bind with a small number of viral fragments to see which one is best suited to attack it. The losing cells immediately begin to die off by the millions. In the end,

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Maura Higgins got so thin during exercise obsession her period stopped

Maura Higgins has revealed that an ‘obsession’ with exercise led to dangerous weight loss that caused her period to stop for four months.

The 30-year-old Love Island feared she had gone too far with her fitness regime when her worried boyfriend Chris Taylor, 30, told her that it wasn’t good and that they needed “to sort this out”.

With her ‘mammy’ also commenting on her severe weight loss, saying: “You’ve got too thin,” Maura realised she had to take action.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Maura explained that she wanted to rectify the problem quickly as she

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Nutrition Krewe donating profits for search and rescue efforts of missing Seacor Power crew

LAFAYETTE, La. — Nutrition Krewe in Lafayette has partnered with the United Cajun Navy and will be donating 100% of its profits and gratuities through Thursday, April, 22, to help fund the United Cajun Navy’s search and rescue efforts for the missing crew from the Seacor Power lift boat.

“We are deeply saddened to see the suffering and grief being endured by these families and want to contribute to the efforts to bring these men home to their loved ones,” said Michael Hebert, co-owner of Nutrition Krewe, in a message to KATC.

Hebert said that, Jay Guevara, who is among

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Goat yoga returns for 3rd official year at southwest Iowa farm

It’s a way to reconnect with nature and yourself.Goat yoga officially returned to a family creamery in Pottawattamie County. The adorable companions are helping people find some peace in a pandemic filled with stress.”Over seated, forward fold,” yoga instructor Chelsea Luth said to the dozens of students who gathered on an open, green field Sunday morning.As yogis breathed in, the baby goats bounced up.”They’re going to probably try to nibble on your mat, so I hope you didn’t bring your best mat,” Luth said, adding that this inconvenience doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.”Enjoy where we’re at in … Read More