Month: May 2021

Benefits of avocados: 5 ways they are good for your health

The green fruit has become a staple in kitchens around the world — and for good reason. Avocados deliver a variety of health benefits and are a versatile ingredient when cooking, said CNN nutrition contributor Lisa Drayer.

She uses the fatty fruit in soups, dips and even chocolate truffles. Depending on how you bake with it, avocados can be a very good fat substitute that won’t make your desserts taste like avocado, she noted.

They are chock-full of nutrients and can be a beneficial addition to a balanced diet. Here are five ways avocados are good for your health:


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What to Eat and How to Stick to It

Sodi-um? More like sodi-yum. It tends to get a bad rap, but sodium is absolutely essential for the functioning of your body’s systems. You need some sodium to regulate your blood pressure and keep your fluids in balance.

But you might be surprised just how much sodium you’re getting through your diet on the daily. Packaged and prepared foods are loaded with this savory compound.

If getting too much sodium is impacting your health (for example, by increasing your blood pressure), your doctor might prescribe a low sodium diet.

Your body needs the right amount of sodium to

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Woman Works Through Exercise To Realize How Her Enabling Is Harming Her Marriage And Her Daughter

The Daily Beast

The Lavish Lives of the Kremlin’s Ultra-Rich Daughters

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Vyacheslav Prokofyev/GettyMOSCOW—A new generation of elite Russian women with high-standing fathers—including ministers, members of parliament or top bureaucrats in the Kremlin—manage multimillion-dollar businesses, enjoy luxurious lifestyles, and pose in glitzy photos for high-fashion magazines and social media accounts with vast followings.Privileges, senior positions, low-rate bank credits, and fat stakes in companies fall on the Kremlin’s daughters as manna from heaven. They are growing rich and successful, bringing welcomed women’s faces to top jobs—and raising thorny questions along the way.Women don’t often climb to the

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Abbott (ABT) Organic Growth Strong, Pediatric Nutrition Down


3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks with 100% Upside Potential

Every stock investor wants a strong return; that’s axiomatic, it’s why people get into the stock market to begin with. But the markets are inherently risky, and finding the sweet spot – the right combination of risk and reward – seems as much an art as a science. You can use science, however, to minimize the risk. We’re talking about statistical science, the study of numbers, their patterns, and the relationships between them. This can give investors an objective view of the broader market or specific stocks, and can even be

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Study Shows a Mediterranean Diet Can Protect Against Alzheimer’s

While the majority of the 6 million people living with Alzheimer’s in the US get diagnosed at age 65 or older, there are about 200,000 younger Americans who have been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Now researchers believe that brain aging, neurological disorders and diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can be delayed and even deterred through lifestyle choices, especially diet. A new study just revealed that eating a Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, whole grains and nuts, seeds, and some fish–and with little or no saturated fat in red meat and full-fat dairy–protects against brain aging, Alzheimer’s, and

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COVID-19 Sets Back Efforts to End Neglected Tropical Diseases

The World Health Organization, or WHO, says the COVID-19 pandemic has set back years of efforts to end neglected tropical diseases.

Neglected tropical diseases are a group of 20 diseases that affect 1.7 billion people, mainly from poor communities in tropical areas. Forty percent of the people affected are in Africa.

These diseases are both life-threatening and physically damaging. The WHO reports great progress has been made in the treatment of these diseases over the past 10 years. It says 42 countries around the world no longer have cases of at least one disease.

FILE – A woman points to
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5 of the best shoulder exercises for a strong and toned upper body

Strong shoulders are healthy shoulders.

Juanmonino/Getty Images

Your shoulders are some of the most important muscles in your body. They’re involved in every upper body movement, whether you realize it or not. Every pushing and pulling movement you make with your arms uses your shoulder muscles in one way or another. That’s why it’s so important to keep them healthy and strong, which you can do with these five shoulder exercises. 

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Best exercises to build bigger shoulders

The best way to build stronger and healthier shoulders is to incorporate a variety of

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BRMC employees organize food box, nutritional drink programs

Programs at Baxter Regional Medical Center can help those facing malnutrition and food insecurity.

Hospital employees in 2018 launched the Ensure Program, which can provide cases of the Ensure dietary supplement to patients identified as lacking adequate nutrition. In 2020, Baxter Regional employees created the BRMC Food Pantry and began distributing food boxes to those patients facing hunger.

The BRMC Hospital Foundation provides the funds used to purchase the Ensure drinks. The Food Bank of North Central Arkansas provides the items used in the food boxes.

Leah Shelley, Baxter Regional’s nutrition manager and a registered dietician, describes both programs.


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Alabama governor signs legislation to allow yoga in public schools

Alabama’s governor signed legislation that will allow public schools to offer yoga as an elective class after it was banned in 1993 for its ties to Hinduism.

Republican Gov. Kay IveyKay IveyThe Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Uber – One year later — has George Floyd’s killing changed the world? Alabama governor signs bill to prohibit vaccine passports Alabama governor signs legislation to allow yoga in public schools MORE signed the bill into law on Thursday, two days after the legislature approved the bill on the last day of the legislative session, Advance Local Alabama reported.


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Seniors faced voting access barrier during pandemic

As the national political scene erupts with proposed laws to make it harder for many to cast ballots, some North Carolinians are working to ease voting for people in long-term care — removing a barrier instead of building more.

By Thomas Goldsmith

Last year, for the first time since 1948, Marlene Silva’s father, 92, wasn’t able to vote in a presidential election.

It turned out that her father, a former IBM employee, was one of numerous North Carolina older people who were cut off from access to their typical ability to vote. For Silva, and thousands of other silver North

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