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By Zarafshan Shiraz, Delhi Marking her return to Yoga this Monday, Bollywood actor Ananya Panday

By Zarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Marking her return to Yoga this Monday, Bollywood actor Ananya Panday was seen sweating it out in a Pilates studio with a variation to Shirshasana or Yoga’s headstand. Her Yoga and wellness trainer, Anshuka Parwani, gave a sneak-peek of her workout session that inspired fans and fitness enthusiasts to roll out their Yoga mats already.

Taking to her social media handle, Anshuka shared a picture, featuring Ananya in a white sports bra teamed with a pair of pink and peach shaded short tights. Kneeling on a Yoga mat spread on the floor, Ananya stood completely inverted. 

Supporting her body weight on the crown of her head, the actor nailed a headstand which is called Salamba Shirshasana or just Shirshasana in Yoga while her trainer watched her movement right behind her. Anshuka shared in the caption, “Coming h(OM)e strong, welcome back to the studio @ananyapanday (sic).”



Get down on your palms and knees. Place the top of the head on the mat. Next, place your palms on the mat such that your arms are bent 90-degrees with your elbows directly over the wrist.

Lift your knees and walk your feet towards your palms. First lift your right leg up and align it with your upper body. Balance and lift your left leg up. Point your toes towards the ceiling. Hold for 20-30 seconds.


Yoga headstand is also called Salamba Shirshasana or just Shirshasana which is good for stimulating and providing refreshed blood to various endocrine glands for improving the body’s overall functionality. It also strengthens one’s core along with increasing upper body strength and stamina.


Headstand is not advised during menstruation or in cases of high blood pressure, hiatal hernia, heart palpitations or glaucoma. Though nicknamed “king” of all the asanas, Yoga headstand is most often reported as the cause of an injury hence, should be practised after gaining much balance.

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