Exercising in pregnancy ‘can boost baby’s lungs’ and helps newborns stave off asthma, research shows

Exercising in pregnancy ‘can boost baby’s lungs’: Regular workouts for expectant mothers helps newborns stave off asthma, research suggests

  • Study found that the children of women who did little exercise during pregnant were twice as likely to have poor lung function
  • Experts said the findings showed the importance of mothers-to-be remaining fit
  • The exercise helps the newborns develop stronger lungs and stave off athsma

Exercising regularly in pregnancy helps newborns develop stronger lungs and stave

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Jordyn Woods Reveals Her Exact Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose Weight

While Woods has admitted in past interviews that she’s no fan of taking drastic measures to achieve a certain look, she has done one-day juice cleanses in the past.

“I tried a juice cleanse about two weeks ago. That’s not too crazy, but it was an interesting feeling. Like, you go through the emotions of not eating, and I felt really good after,” she told Elle Canada.

For more insight into how celebs stay in such great shape, check out Serena Williams Reveals Her Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to Stay Fit, and for the latest celebrity health

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6 Affordable Alternatives to Pricey Exercise Equipment

aerogondo2 / Shutterstock.com

Making your health a priority can be challenging, particularly during a pandemic, where gyms shift their guidelines due to often-changing public health mandates, and you might just not want to be sweating around a lot of other people. Thankfully there are tons of pieces of exercise equipment available to you at home, many of them now featuring “smart” technology such as online personal trainers and classes. However, choosing can be difficult. Does higher price mean higher quality? Do you need to spend a lot of money to get in shape? In order to help you choose, we’ve

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Improved bra fit will help alleviate breast pain for women who exercise, researcher says

In a historically male-dominated sport like rugby, it’s no surprise breast health isn’t a regular topic of conversation.

Liz Patu has played for Australia since 2009, even captaining the Wallaroos, but admits searching for a supportive sports bra was not something she or her teammates have given much thought to.

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Exercise Reduces Calories Burned at Rest in People With Obesity

Exercise reduces the number of calories burned at rest in people with obesity, according to a new study by researchers from the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Roehampton.

The study, published in Current Biology on August 27, found that people who exercise burn fewer calories on body maintenance, therefore markedly reducing the calorie burning gains of exercise. This reduction in energy burned at rest was most pronounced in individuals with obesity and also, to a lesser extent, in older adults.

Analysis based on data from 1,750 adults in the

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Four Exercise Routines to Help You Stay in Shape This Fall

Working from home has provided many people more time and flexibility to exercise. They can do crunches in their living room between Zoom calls or take conference calls while walking around the block.

Employees transitioning to new work schedules might struggle to figure out when to fit in a workout now. Long commutes, gym closures and unexpected meetings are among the obstacles that can derail a workout plan.

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Why Is Talking About Exercise So Uncomfortable?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

“Hot Bod” is an exploration of fitness culture and its adjacent oddities.

Of all my casual hobbies (painting art forgeries, cooking vinegar-doused greens), there’s not one I avoid mentioning to strangers quite like I never talk about exercise. The moment I start to mention a new buzzy fitness class, I imagine myself as Brad Pitt’s gym-rat character in Burn After Reading, all dopey smile and innocent arm muscles and puppyish enthusiasm for getting swoll. I imagine that John Malkovich’s character will yell at me: “You represent the idiocy of

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This exercise machine reduces stress and is $120 off

Self-care isn’t a luxury these days, it’s a necessity.

The LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine provides a unique way to relieve stress at home, and right now it’s available during our limited-time Labor Day sale for just $129.99 — $120 off the retail price.

Whole body vibration therapy has been known to help calm the nervous system (and provide a surprisingly efficient way to get fit, according to some studies).

By simply

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Do these 6 exercises every day to build resilience and mental strength

When I first began researching anxiety in my lab as a neuroscientist, I never thought of myself as an anxious person. That is, until I started noticing the words used by my subjects, colleagues, friends and even myself to describe how we were feeling — “worried,” “on edge,” stressed out,” “distracted,” “nervous,” “ready to give up.”

But what I’ve found over the years is that the most powerful way to combat anxiety is to consistently work on building your resilience and mental strength. Along the way, you’ll learn to appreciate or even welcome certain kinds of mistakes for all the

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