3 Functional Nutrition Practices To Support Your Gut Microbiome

Ensuring a vibrant, healthy gut microbiome starts with giving your body the best sources and variety of nutrients it requires. This includes eating fermented foods, taking a probiotic (like mbg’s probiotic+ supplement), and including high-fiber vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein in your diet.*

By making strategic lifestyle and dietary changes, you can positively support the microbes in your gut, and gift your body a much-needed wellness foundation moving onward.*

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5 Self-Care Practices, From A Functional Nutrition Coach

As a busy mindbodygreen functional nutrition coach, I now recognize that bringing my best, thriving self forward for my clients requires intentional choices that holistically serve my soul, mind, emotion, and body. Therefore, engaging in healthy strategies that further enhance resilience, function, and overall vitality is critical to my everyday sense of wholeness and inner balance.

Whether you are an always-on-the-go coach looking to kick off your self-care routine, fill up your emotional tank, or infuse your life with a little more serenity, I have rounded up a few strategies to help make yourself a priority. Just remember, because self-care

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4 Steps To Better Health, From A Functional Nutrition Perspective

When it comes to mapping our way to optimal health, one of the best places to start from is understanding what makes our entire body thrive. That is, turning our attention to each aspect of our being—mind, body, spirit, environment—along with the habits and routines that help us promote overall wellness. While navigating the road to better health, it’s also important to remember that everybody has vastly complex and different bodies, needs, and backgrounds.

One powerful tool in this journey? Functional nutrition, which uses an individual-centered approach to care and chronic disease management. This nutrition method looks at each patient

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What An mbg Functional Nutrition Coach Eats For All-Day Energy

Because the human body produces energy at a cellular level, getting an adequate supply of minerals, protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, amino acids, and phytonutrients is crucial for leading a healthy, resilient life. Besides their diverse amount of energizing compounds, plant-derived foods can also be paramount to providing the body with the abundance of nutrients, fiber, and, yes, the protein it requires. 

But when it comes to plant-based protein sources, variety is critical to attain all nine essential amino acids and support cellular energy production. Some of the go-to protein bites I include in my everyday repertoire are hemp hearts, plant-based

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