The #1 Worst Time to Exercise If You Love to Sleep, New Study Says

Consistent exercise and sleep are pillars of robust health, both physically and mentally. When we don’t get enough sleep, we’re irritable, groggy, and no help to anyone, the Sleep Foundation confirms. Similarly, exercise has been shown time and time again to be an essential aspect of healthy living, the CDC says, as well as graceful aging.

While the full extent of the relationship between sleep and exercise remains somewhat of a mystery to the scientific community, most doctors agree that consistent exercise generally promotes better sleep. While identifying a specific explanation for this is proving to be difficult, there

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Pooja Rani’s love for omelettes and Haryanvi puda

‘You are what you eat,’ they say. So, what exactly is it that makes a champion? We bring you a closer look into the diet of champion boxer Pooja Rani

What’s one meal you’re likely to eat over and over again during the week?

Omelettes! I love omelettes!.

What is one dish you enjoy cooking for yourself?

I don’t like working in the kitchen at all [laughs], but when I’m free I try stuff. I made something with bread the other day during lockdown, watching a YouTube video and it was very good. I forget the name of the dish

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US Open: Matthew Wolff reveals mental health battle that diminished his love for golf | Golf News

“I was getting really down on myself and honestly for a few months, I kind of felt hopeless. Probably just a few days ago was the first time I really found some hope in my game and my happiness”

Last Updated: 19/06/21 5:46pm

Matthew Wolff is back in action after two months out dealing with mental health issues

Matthew Wolff has opened up about his battle with mental health issues and admits it is “not easy” to enjoy himself on the golf course.

Wolff returned to competition at this week’s US Open having taken time away from

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Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Secret. Her Diet, Exercise & Self Love

Rebel Wilson used to think of her weight as an asset in her comedic acting. When she played the character Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect films, she could use her girth and size to bring extra silliness to the character’s movements. In the past year, however, the actress evolved her thinking and decided to live what she calls the “Year of Health.” She set out to feel healthier emotionally and physically and what began as a commitment to herself has led her to a shocking transformation.

It’s been over a year since she wrote a letter to herself last

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Reasons I Love the Mediterranean Diet and Keep Following It

  • I started following the Mediterranean diet almost 2 years ago and still love it.
  • I feel less bloated, and my skin looks much healthier. 
  • My kids have learned about meal planning and cooking from a young age.
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In July 2019, I stopped eating meat and opted for a more plant-based diet with fish and seafood, plenty of vegetables and whole grains, and lots of home-cooked deliciousness.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’d inadvertently started following the Mediterranean diet by pairing olive oil with everything, serving a rainbow of fruits and veggies

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