Yoga for men: 5 Yoga asana for daily flexibility, strength and to boost arousal | Health

According to health experts, Yoga is a useful tool for men to remain flexible and healthy as they age. It removes toxins from the body to help men smell better, calms the mind and prevent injuries during workout apart from building more muscles, relieving stress and loosening joints to get more flexible.

As per a study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, Yoga appears to be an effective method of improving sexual functions in men in all domains – desire, intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, partner synchronization, erection, ejaculatory control, orgasm. From reducing anxiety and increasing body awareness to boosting arousal,

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This One Diet Could Help Men With Erectile Dysfunction, New Study Suggests

There are plenty of factors that could affect sexual performance. Many of them are psychological, some of them are related to diseases and other health conditions, and some of them may even have to do with the medications you’re taking.

As it turns out, the foods you’re eating could also have a significant impact on your sex life, too. A new study reveals that, for middle-aged men, the Mediterranean diet is linked with better erectile performance.

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The study, which was published in the journal Nutrients and recently featured in

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Men Experience Flatulence 7 Times More On A Mostly Vegan Diet, Study Finds

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Men on a predominantly plant-based diet pass more gas than men who eat a meat-based diet, a study has found. The findings indicate that the participants eating primarily vegan food have healthier gut bacteria and better colon health. 

The study

Researchers assessed the role of diet in gut and digestive health, which included looking at stool health and the amount of flatulence experienced. 

There were two dietary groups: a low-fat, fiber-enriched Mediterranean-type diet (FMD) or a high-fat Western-type Diet (WD). The FMD is high in vegetables, fruits, and legumes, among other plant foods. 

Publications have widely

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9 Exercises Men Should Do Every Day

Guys, make a plan to stay fit.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many men had their normal exercise routines disrupted. Full-service gyms, yoga studios and indoor basketball courts closed down at the outset of the crisis in early 2020. Many of these facilities have reopened, and many men are reestablishing their exercise regimen or establishing new ones.

“Many people have been extremely sedentary since COVID-19 and have done more than the normal amount of sitting throughout the day,” says Fairfax Hackley, a personal trainer based in Fairfax, Virginia. While seemingly more people than ever are working out,

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Obese Men May Have Better Survival With Advanced Prostate Cancer | Health News

By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter


MONDAY, July 12, 2021 (HealthDay News) — When men have advanced prostate cancer, obesity might offer something of a survival advantage, a preliminary study suggests.

Researchers in Italy found that among men with prostate cancer that had spread throughout the body, those who were obese were less likely to die over the next few years.

Roughly 30% were still alive after three years, versus 20% of normal-weight and overweight men, the study found.

The researchers stressed that no one is advising men to pack on pounds as a defense against prostate cancer: Obesity is

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It’s his day! – 5 health tips for men this Father’s Day

It’s his day! – 5 health tips for men this Father’s Day | Photo Credit: Pixabay&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • 20 June is observed as Father’s Day across the globe
  • The health of men and women may be affected over time with age
  • A lot of stigmas is associated with the mental and overall health of men, therefore, it must be encouraged and talked about for their well-being

New Delhi: Father’s day or not, the efforts and contributions of men should be appreciated and acknowledged throughout the year. The mental and physical health of men

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