Disease-Avoiding Behaviour Leads To Rise Of Authoritarianism, Finds Study

It’s abundantly clear now that the outbreak of an infectious disease and how it is handled by local authorities carries a lot of weight for the election cycle that follows. Now, scientists have found that just like our protective immune system, our behavioural immune system also works similarly. Societies with a higher rate of infectious diseases tend to support authoritative measures, the study found.

What causes infected places to lean towards authoritarianism?

The behavioural immune systems instills a sense of fear and makes human beings avoid others to stay free of disease, as witnessed during the ongoing COVID-19

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The role of diet in the rise of modern shark communities — ScienceDaily

The availability of prey and the ability to adapt to changing environments played key roles in the evolution of sharks. A new study, in which over 3,000 shark teeth were analysed, provides new insight into how modern shark communities were established. The results are published in the journal Current Biology.

The new research investigated the diversity of shark teeth from the final stages of the Mesozoic (approximately 80 million years ago) to the present day. In particular, it sought to understand why there are only 15 species of mackerel sharks living today (scientific name: Lamniformes), whereas there are more than

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Vaccinations Rise in Some States With Soaring Infections | Health News


Vaccinations are beginning to rise in some states where COVID-19 cases are soaring, White House officials said Thursday in a sign that the summer surge is getting the attention of vaccine-hesitant Americans as hospitals in the South are being overrun with patients.

Coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients told reporters that several states with the highest proportions of new infections have seen residents get vaccinated at higher rates than the nation as a whole. Officials cited Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and Nevada as examples.

“The fourth surge is real, and the numbers are quite

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