8 Long Yoga With Adriene Videos To Sweat Through

Sometimes it feels right to roll out a yoga mat, do a few downward facing dogs, and move on with the day. But if you’re itching for a full-body stretch and really want to spend some time with your breath, then a long Yoga with Adriene video may hit the spot.

Certified yoga instructor Adriene Mishler has all sorts of amazing videos on her popular YouTube channel, from quick 10-minute vinyasa flows to full 60-minute classes and everything in between. While her shorter classes are always guaranteed to give you a mind-body boost, the longer vids allow you to

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Videos: Here Are All The Yoga Asanas Recommended By Shilpa Shetty

While almost all Bollywood actresses advocate the importance of fitness in their lives, there are few who are as ardent in their belief as Shilpa Shetty. The actor regularly shares her fitness routines on Instagram and has built up quite a following based on her fitness videos. Today, Shetty is known as much as an actor as she is known as an advocate for Yoga which is often referred to as the architecture of peace for its physical, emotional and mental benefits.

On her birthday, we share a list of yoga asanas that are recommended by her on Instagram:

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